The Bison

Named after the mighty American buffalo of the Great Plains, this room is one of the two flagships of the guest house. The nomadic grazer once dwelt across the Great Plains of the now United States and Canada, but aggressive hunting in the period 1820-60 by the settlers of the New World saw the continental herds of some 30-35 million reduced to less than one thousand. Hunters responded to the advertisement “hunt by rail” and boarded the new railroads into the West to shoot from carriages tops as the herds approached the new iron curiosity.

Further, it became U.S. Government policy to encourage the slaughter in order to contain and minimise the movement of Native American cultures. It took the foresight of late nineteenth century colonists to isolate the animals in private reserves and later state parks to ensure the species’ survival to today. In the United States, 1st November has been designated as National Bison Day to celebrate the tatanka, or ‘he who owns us’ as the Lakota people named this animal. The state of Wyoming lauds the bison on its state flag.

The room is decorated in bold greens and rich golds, with wallpaper by Cole and Son. We have selected art that wonderfully captures the beauty of the bison. The centre piece of art is fun; meet Ethan, the American Bison, dressed in his blue jacket.

The room is located on the ground floor, and can be configured as a twin or as a king double. The room is triple glazed using the same supplier that the Minster has used throughout the ancient cathedral. This is the only room that offers a bath tub and shower.

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The Bison


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