The Bishop

A flagship room of the property, The Bishop represents the importance and legacy of the archbishops of York since Paulinus in 627 C.E. While the Archbishop of Canterbury ranks as the most senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, second only to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, the Archbishop of York ranks next, representing the status of the Diocese and See of York. It is of interest, however, that when the two archbishops are together, the former does not outrank the latter, and by convention they walk side by side. By explanation, the Archbishop of Canterbury descends from the time of Augustine, the “Apostle to the English” upon despatch to England by Pope Gregory the Great in 595 C.E., whereas the Archbishop of York descends from a forgotten line of bishops of the late Roman period, and a Bishop of York is recorded to have attended the Councils of Arles (314 C.E.) and Nicaea (325 C.E.) respectively. Under Norman rule, the See of York asserted its independence from the See of Canterbury, and by convention today this is respected in form if not wholly in substance. We respect this great heritage at York Minster and aim to re-produce the splendour that this role commands in this room.

The wallpaper is perhaps the most striking at the guest house. With scenes reminiscent of Roman churches converted from the ancient temples of old, presented in a striking green, this is a wallpaper from a library of stories to be lived. Combined with rich velvets and highly stylised furniture and standing lights, this room provides the touch and feel of a true episcopal palace.

The art gives a nod to the two archbishops in a piece called The Church and the Coronation: The Archbishops of Canterbury and York; and other Prominent Prelates. This is a reproduction of a photolithograph first printed in the Illustrated London News for the 1911 coronation of King George V of the United Kingdom and British Empire at Westminster Abbey.

The room is located on the second floor and is configured with a double bed. The room is triple glazed using the same supplier that the Minster has used throughout the ancient cathedral.

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