Minster Prairie

Bringing together the concept of the bishop and the bison at the guest house, this cosy room showcases the roaming bison in gorgeous whites, greys and teals. The Minster represents the sacred, and the Prairie represents the hallowed ground where the Native American lived and roamed. For the Plains cultures, the bison represented life and abundance. The animal fed, clothed, housed and equipped the Native American for life on the vast exposed Plains.

The wallpaper was designed by Australian Esther Fallon Lau who specialises in designs that are whimsical, exotic, tribal or generous in spirit. The paper depicts animals that are holy to Native American cultures. These include the deer, the wolf, the eagle and of course the bison.

The art piece Buffalo Head is by Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902). The artist was a German-American painter best known for his gorgeous sweeping landscapes of the American West. Technically excellent, Bierstadt established himself as a preeminent painter who focused on large-scale paintings for exhibitions, using panoramas never before seen on the Eastern Seaboard or in Europe. His fame came to the attention of Queen Victoria of England, whom he met in 1867 to privately exhibit his art. We have chosen this piece to demonstrate the beauty of the subject matter, the great beast tatanka, and to complement the gorgeous wallpaper that adorns the walls.

The art piece Chief Spotted Tail Shooting Buffalo is by Louis Maurer, another German born American lithographer (1832-1932). Maurer arrived in the United States in 1851 aged nineteen, and quickly from 1852 worked at the famous Currier & Ives, a successful American printmaking firm in New York City. He specialised in studies of horses and other animals, including the Native American and the bison. We selected this piece for the beautifully vivacious colours of the Dakotan sky and to reflect the reality of everyday life for the indigenous peoples of the Plains before Europeans arrived by horse and carriage, and later by the railroad.

The room is located on the first floor and is configured with a double bed. The room is triple glazed using the same supplier that the Minster has used throughout the ancient cathedral.

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