The Bishop & The Bison was founded on the principles of Yorkshire hospitality and British warmth. Like you, the owners have travelled around the world and have found that the one thing that makes a holiday more truly memorable is the independent, the individual, the very unique nature of a lodging. Our property is a blend of a traditional bed and breakfast that is to be found in every corner of the British Isles, combined with the joys, delights and perks of a boutique hotel. We are a luxurious hybrid.

A splash of colour

Our mission has been to opt for spectacular art by start-up artists both in rural Yorkshire and in rural townships of the United States, to purposefully fuse bright colours and textures to pleasantly surprise you, all the while keeping a sense of fun and sophistication. The fabric invites you to be tactile. In so many ways this reflects the soul of York – you will find an abundance of independent coffee shops, eateries, shops and experiences that you cannot help but explore and savour.

Environmental responsibility

We are conscious of our environment and aim to reduce our carbon footprint where we can. Although this is an old Victorian property, we enjoy a low energy efficiency rating which we strive to lower in all ways that we can. We seek to minimise use of plastics and recycle our glassware and bottles as far as possible. You will note that we use sensor lighting to reduce our energy output, together with low energy LED bulbs throughout the property. We have selected thick lined velvet curtains to ensure your room remains cosy and warm in inclement or wintry weather. It is these small steps that in abundance make a difference.

Highest quality

Jonathan’s experience working for hotels around the world has shown that guests by far prefer quality ingredients over quantity. We aim to reduce waste by following this approach. We have wonderful relationships with the local farmer, the local butcher, the local greengrocer and the local florist. We buy organic and we are happy to receive advance orders for specialist, vegetarian or vegan fare that suit your diet.