We have chosen a perhaps unexpected name for our small boutique hotel. For the curious, the name brings together two locations close to our hearts.

The first is of course the great city of York, the home of the beautiful Minster and its religious presence. The Bishop refers to the long ecclesiastical heritage of the Diocese and Province of York, with its first archbishop Paulinus having been appointed in 627 C.E. The Minster is an airy, welcoming cathedral; it draws you in and makes you feel instantly comfortable with its colourful stained glass windows, the famous Heart of Yorkshire warmly reflecting the day’s light, and the Kings’ Screen standing proudly at the end of the nave. This is a sanctuary of pure grace.

The second is the nomadic grazer that roams the Rockies and Great Plains – the bison. We lived and worked in the United States, travelling widely to explore and enjoy this immense continental nation. One of the most memorable trips was to Wyoming and South Dakota where we observed herds of bison chewing amiably at rest or walking in the frosty morning mists of early winter.

We returned to the United Kingdom in December 2019 and opened the doors to our newly renovated guest house in early 2020. We have lovingly renovated the rooms to a modern and cosy style, each room being individually themed to either the Bishop or the Bison. We have used rich designs as well as high quality wallpapers and velvets that we hope please you.