Custer in the Mist

The state of South Dakota boasts the beautiful Black Hills of the gold rush that swept westward at a pace, the infamous personalities of Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane, and of course Mount Rushmore which allows the granite sculptures of Mr. Washington, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Roosevelt to greet you from on high. Yet, from the beginning of time, this land was occupied by the American buffalo which roamed free and wild. Today, the bison can be visited up close at Custer State Park, named after the infamous General Custer who fell at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and which is located thirty miles south of Rapid City. An encounter with the bison is especially unique in wintertime to witness the breath of the bison against the haze of the low hills mist. Custer is also home to the Iron Mountain Road, a winding road that affords views of Mount Rushmore, framed through granite tunnels, as well as pigtail wooden bridges.

We have selected Zoffany to find a stunning ink wallpaper adorned with fades of brown and yellow. This tiger’s eye palate will be contrasted with the blues of dazzling Dakotan sky stone turquoise.

The art is of prints by George Catlin, a nineteenth century American painter who was inspired by the Lewis-Clark Expedition of 1804-06 which saw a party of explorers set out from St. Louis in the young United States’ newly acquired Louisiana territory to head to the Pacific coast of Washington state via the Missouri, Yellowstone, Snake and Columbia rivers. Catlin was the first Caucasian to depict the Plains Indians in their native territory, capturing also for prosperity the then ubiquitous bison herds. In the room, there are three pieces – A Bison, Stalking Buffalo, and Buffalo Hunt.

The room is located on the first floor and is configured with a double bed. The room is triple glazed using the same supplier that the Minster has used throughout the ancient cathedral.

The Bishop & The Bison Boutique Hotel

The Bison


Custer in the Mist

Minster Prairie

The Bishop

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